Helping youth seeking jobs in and around Selkirk

Brea McMahon is the Youth Engagement Leader at the Manitoba Youth Job Centre in Selkirk. McMahon participated in a Career Day at East Seklirk Middle School on Thursday, May 31, 2019. (Brook Jones/Selkirk Journal/Postmedia Network)

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The Manitoba Youth Job Centre in Selkirk has opened for another summer.

Brea McMahon, who graduated from Teulon Collegiate Institute is the Youth Engagement Leader working out of the office in Selkirk. She is eager to help youth become connected with local employers.

The Selkirk Journal asked McMahon four questions to provide greater insight into the Youth Job Centre.

1. SJ: What inspired you to become more involved with the MYJC?
BM: In the summer of 2018 I worked multiple part-time and casual positions at a time for about half of the summer until I was finally able to find full time employment. The constant cycle of editing and submitting resumes and cover letters, and then going to interviews was very stressful and a times discouraging, but I learned a lot from the experience. Working with the MYJC gives me the chance to offer support, aid and advice to students and youth who may be in a similar position to the one that I had been in last summer.

2. SJ: What are some of the benefits to youth who decided to visit the MYJC?
BM: Students and youth ages 12 to 29 that register with the MYJC will have access to all of the resources offered by the centre. These resources include resume and cover letter creation or editing, interview coaching, job searching tips, first hand job experience with the Odd Job Squad, as well as our referral service, all of which is free for them to utilize.

3. SJ: What kind of impact is the MYJC having in the Selkirk and surrounding area?
BM: The MYJC is in its 44th year of operation and for all that time its services have helped further the local economy by educating and then matching qualified registrants with employment opportunities offered by local employers. It is an excellent resource to help give students and youth the skills and experience that they need to succeed throughout their lives.

4. SJ: What is the most common service as of late?
BM: As of late the most common service utilized is the MYJC’s free referral service. Through this service, students and youth that are registered with the centre are matched with, and referred to, positions offered by local employers that they are individually best suited for.

The MYJC in Selkirk is hosting an open house on June 5 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and is located at 100-260 Superior Ave.